When you are looking at buying a used laptop and do not want to spend a lot of money, you will find that there are used laptops for sale for under a $100. You must remember that technology advancement causes many people to replace their current laptop for newer versions and not because something is wrong with it. Laptop prices have fallen over recent years and a reasonable price for a decent and brand new laptop can be as low as $400.
If you do not have the capital and want to go for something cheaper than that, you will find a refurbished or used laptop for under $100 and it can be a decent quality used laptop. A refurbished laptop is more expensive than a used laptop, but the advantage you have with a refurbished laptop is that problems it may have, has been inspected and repairs done if needed.
You must know that you will not find a decent used laptop for under $100 if it is relatively new. It will be an older model and even so it will be sufficient for use of basic office applications, web browsing and more. You obviously will not find a top of the range gaming laptop for that price, so you must be realistic when looking at cheap used laptops. You need to inspect the laptop’s specifications, like the hard drive size, CPU, screen size and RAM.
Battery capacity is another factor to be on the lookout for when you purchase a used laptop or used notebook. It also depends where you want to use the used laptop as most people basically buy a laptop or notebook for its portability. If the battery is constantly charging and discharging over years, the battery capacity diminishes significantly and you will need to be plugged in to work.

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