10-Step Guide to Buying a Used Laptop That Works


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Buying second-hand products is always green, but it’s easy to be discouraged by the stories of broken laptops from eBay or Craigslist. To quell these fears, here is a 10-step checklist on how to find a used laptop that isn’t just a high-tech lemon.

Most wouldn’t flinch at the idea of buying a used car, but the thought of a used computer sends them squirming. The tech industry tries their hardest to keep it that way: they advertise new products in such a way to render the previous models perceptually obsolete; they block even the simplest hardware upgrades; and they sell bottom-of-the-line models that simply break within a couple years.

This shouldn’t scare you away from a used computer purchase, but know that they are imperfect machines; some research, determination, and basic knowledge is required.  To make this list, I used both my own experience along with some tips from Peter Montesano of Peter’s PC Repair, one of the most highly regarded repair shops in San Francisco.

Step 1: The Decision – Finding The Best Used Laptop
Decide what computer you want and then change your mind. Like most people, you probably dream of the newest, hottest thing on the market—maybe a Macbook Air or Dell’s new Studio Hybrid? No. Instead, check out some of the best computers from last year or earlier this year. These are the laptops you should choose from in the used market—and generally, they’ll perform the same tasks that this year’s models do. As an added bonus, you can try to find a computer from 2007 with Windows XP installed instead of Vista!

Step 2: Where to Buy
Determine where you will buy your computer. There are four options: eBay, Craigslist, local dealers, and straight from the manufacturer. Buying refurbished models from the manufacturer or a local dealer is often more expensive, but they’ll come with attached warranties that will calm your worried hearts. The remaining two options are a bit trickier, but also cheaper. If you plan to use eBay, make sure to find a seller with no less than 100% feedback rating. If the computer arrives broken, a seller with a flawless rating will happily allow a return in order to prevent negative feedback—that’s the beauty of eBay. For a Craigslist exchange, make sure to arrange a public meeting spot like a coffee shop where you can inspect the computer fully before purchasing.

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Things to Look For in a Used Laptop

Looking for the very best Inexpensive Laptop Offer for you personally is usually a minefield, you could find numerous items to consider! Specialized specs are filled with figures, statistics and lingo require will certainly suggest almost nothing towards the feasible consumer when they how to start the way they are truly looking for.

Stating which, in the event you cannot pick after that there is certainly really a saviour, every single brand new Mac enables you to setup Home windows. Consequently, inside event you enjoy the style and elegance associated with Apple laptop computers, however just cannot bring yourself to help make the leap from Home windows, you might get enjoyment through the best associated with both sides.

Of course, laptops and notebooks make a real difference when it comes to travel. You can’t take a PC with you on the plane but you can use your notebook to keep in touch on vacation or a business trip. When traveling, always take out comprehensive insurance for your laptop as well as flight protection for yourself.

Home windows or Mac Laptop computer?

One thing you need to select on is actually which operating-system you wish your own device to operate upon, Home windows or Mac!? The actual operating-system may be the software program that handles the majority of the computers core functions, along with performing to be interface between the consumer and also the elements within the device. There is certainly normally a a regular discussion that the is actually greatest using the 2 getting down and dirty followers! The choice you should have the following is be it better to but the Mac dependent device just like a Apple company Mac-book, Apple company Macbook-pro or perhaps a Apple company Macbook Air flow or inside event you choose a PC operating Microsoft’s ‘Windows’ operating-system. Both software have their own pros and cons.



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Guide to Buying a Used Laptop


Buying a used laptop or used notebook is a sure sign of going green even if the main aim is to save money. You still want a used laptop or notebook to be in perfect working condition though. More people everyday are discouraged in buying used products from Craigslist and eBay because of all the negative stories on obtaining merchandise that does not work. Many things can be purchased secondhand, but computers are something to be careful off. Having some knowledge on computers, even basic knowledge is required and doing some, research will be able to let you purchase a good used laptop.
Use the following checklist in obtaining a used laptop to still some of your fears:
• When the decision is made in obtaining a used laptop, decide exactly what you want and what you will be using it for. Check out and do some research on the available used laptops going on the present market.
• Determine where you will buy your used laptop or used notebook from and stick to it. When buying from eBay or craigslist make sure that it is a regular on these websites with a good review.
• Checking for cosmetic issues is not important, as you want the inner workings of the machine to be perfect and not the outside.
• The used laptop screen is very important, as you do not need to replace a screen soon after purchase.
• Testing all the wireless connections, sockets, and plugs as it is quite costly to replace. A broken USB port is all right if you have some spare.
• Faulty hard drives are not a serious issue as it is not very expensive to replace.
• Battery life is important as you will be able to drive down the price significantly of it is a short operating span.


Difference between Used Laptop and Refurbished Laptop


You will find that vendors use the terms second-hand, used, refurbished, and new interchangeably. It is very inaccurate and you should know what the term refurbished laptop and used laptop means in order not to be buying something unwanted or un-bargained for.
As opposed to a used laptop, which typically did not undergo any checks before selling, a refurbished laptop is thoroughly checked, reconditioned, and returned to its as-new status. This is very different from a used laptop or used notebook even when it is offered to you with the same assurances. Vendors often try to sell a used laptop as a refurbished laptop in order to charge more for the laptop.
A refurbished laptop often comes from the manufacturers that made it as they may be returned to manufacturers with minor faults, from scratches to software glitches. A company will inspect and restore the laptop to working as new and for all intent and purposes be new. However it is not new and cannot be advertised as such, that is where reconditioned or refurbished laptops come in.
Buying a refurbished laptop in other words will allow you to buy a laptop with much higher specs than you originally anticipated for a much lower price. Look out for the price of a used laptop as oppose to a refurbished laptop. A used laptop should be significantly cheaper than a refurbished laptop, the same as a refurbished laptop must be cheaper than a brand new laptop.
A used laptop or used notebook will not operate exactly like a new or refurbished laptop and you can expect minor problems, depending on the price you pay. A refurbished laptop on the other hand must work in exactly the same manner as a new laptop. If someone wants to charge you the price of a refurbished laptop for a used laptop then the used laptop must have absolutely no issues or problems.